Visit Otzi´s resting place

Obviously "the man who came from the ice" was not our guest back then even though we are sure he would have shared our feelings about the beauty of our location. The excursion to the Ötzi's discovery site is rather challenging and begins with a tough climb leading to the Maso Tisenhof at  an altitude of1,822 meters, then continues on to the Tisa valley with medium difficulty trails, but shortly after the San Martino Capital, the route is becomes difficult: a steep climb leads from here to Rifugio Similaun to the Low Game, at 3,019 meters altitude. From here it still takes an hour´s walk on an exposed path equipped with safety ropes. A thin pyramid of stones marks the site of the find on the Yogi of Tisa. After descending the same way you will have certainly  earned yourself a delicious dinner and a good grappa! Cheers!

Val Senales Archeoparc
Val Senales lake chapel chalet


A circle is complete

Some say that our lake is linked to a sad story, it is said that because of it a whole country had to move. Since then…

Our Lake
Discover Oetzi´s world South Tyrol


Dive into the past

The archeoParc is located in Madonna di Senales, the home of the famous shrine, and is 5 minutes by car from Edelweiss…

The Archeoparc
Ski touring holiday Val Senales

Ski & Fun

The Senales valley: A skier´s paradise

The idyllic snowy landscape in the glacier ski area of ​​the Senales valley is the ideal starting point for skiing…

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