A circle is complete

Some say that our lake is linked to a sad story, it is said that because of it a whole country had to move. Since then however we consider this moment in history as "water under the bridge".

Val Senales lake chapel chalet

The lake extends majestically between Vernago and Edelweiss, making it a splendid setting for our open-air wellbeing area. The paths around the lake are well built and easy to walk. Only 8-kilometers away you can also cross two suspended bridges, an adventurous experience but accessible to everyone. The tour of Lake Vernago is a soothing and not strenuous walk, where nature the untouched beauty of the natural surrounding takes centre stage

Trekking & Mountains

Bergl Alm

Only a few minutes from our Hotel & Chalets Edelweiss starts the Walk to the brand new Bergl Alm "Hut" in beautiful…

Shopping & City

Castle Juval

At the Entrace of Val Senales on the top of the Mountain is located Castel Juval in possession of Reinhold Messner. Restored…

Trauttmansdorff Gardens Merano summer

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Trauttmansdorff castle and gardens

Visit an earthly paradise.The gardens at Trautmannsdorf are waiting for you

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